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Sprung floor at Studio17

The importance of a sprung floor

Having watched Eva dance in various competitions and events over the years, the importance of what surface she is moving on is not lost on me.

We’ve seen various dancers – young and older – injure themselves over the years and not be able to practice and compete, which can be incredibly sad and frustrating for people who love to dance. 

Now, while no movement activity like dancing, is without risk, the fact that the type of surface you are on can help reduce the risks – or sadly, increase them – is something that is important to recognise.    

Which is why we chose to invest in a sprung floor in Studio17. It was one of the most challenging aspects of the build, but I am very pleased we went with it. Medical studies have shown a link between hard and unforgiving surfaces and foot and ankle injury. Dancing on a dance specific sprung floor is essential to protect dancers from injuries.

And this also extends to people conducting other types of classes in our Studio. Aerobics and high-intensity fitness classes all create strong and quick movements, which impact on the joints and if the floor is able to absorb that impact, the body is protected. If the floor returns it, that impact created by the movements goes back through the body and can result in injury. Similarly, activities that require slower movements, like yoga and Pilates, are still better being carried out on a sprung floor.

We are very proud to have a sprung floor in Studio17 and know that everyone who moves across the floor is doing so on a surface that allows them to rehearse and train safely.