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Terms & Conditions

Studio 17 Perform Ltd. – Terms & Conditions

The company or individuals booking Studio17:

  • Must have current public liability insurance.
  • Must have appropriate music licenses if required.
  • Must respect the rules and respect others who use the Studio17.
  • Once bookings are made they are non-refunable. Refunds are only allowed if the owners of Studio17 Perform Ltd. are forced to cancel the booking.
  • Dance schools , Performer art centres, Fitness Instructors must pay for the hire of the Studio at the beginning of every relative Dance Term or Calendar Month. Any school/Instructor not fulfilling this obligation will lose the right to use Studio17.
  • Any data/images on this website belong to Studio17 Perform Ltd. and must not be copied or shared in anyway unless permission has been given from owners of Studio17 perform Ltd.