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Q&A with Eva McManus

Eva McManus is one of the daughters that inspired the creation of Studio17. She tells us why she loves dancing and how proud she is of Studio17.

Q. When did you start dancing and what sort of dancing do you do?

I started dancing when I was four years old and I currently do ballet, tap and modern. My favourite is modern because it allows me to express myself fully. I feel a sense of freedom when I dance, its an opportunity to express myself, if I have had a bad day.

Q. How much of your time does it take up and how do you fit it round your school work?

I currently dance or I am involved in performing at least six days a week in the evenings and weekends. I fit my school work in between dancing and performing. Basically, the house rules are that I have to do my school work and if I don’t, I can’t go to dance, which means I just have to do it.

Q. What do you think of Studio17 and how do you feel about being its inspiration?

I absolutely love the studio – and so do my friends. It’s so bright and open and a great space. It is by far the best, cleanest and nicest studio I have danced in.

I feel really happy and very proud that Violet and I are the inspiration behind the Studio. It’s nice to know that I could help.

Q. Do you think Studio17 will benefit the community?

Yes I really hope it does. Hopefully, it will inspire people to dance and get involved in other activities. Being in the heart of Southampton the location is brilliant, the facilities are second to none and there is plenty of parking. I especially love visiting the Studio when the pre-school Ballerinas arrive, they are so cute.

Q. It’s not just dancing that you enjoy – what sort of fitness activities do you like to do?

I love to dance but I also do stretching, gymnastics, aerial hoop and calisthenics. I also run sometimes with my Dad, but don’t tell him that I dislike it.

Q. Is dancing something you want to do when you are older?

Absolutely. Anything related to performing would be amazing.