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Dancing and the benefits

It was great to see Starz Ballet recently receive such prominent exposure in the Daily Mail article.

The children all looked to be enjoying the class, as do all of the people that come through the doors at Studio17.

And it got us thinking about the benefits that dance gives to people.

Here are just some of the benefits that we see dancing giving to, not just children, but anyone of any age.

You meet, and you dance. Everyone is there to do the same thing. There’s no judgement. Friendships are made in the dance studio that will continue even after the class has ended.  And this isn’t just true of the people taking part in the class. Mums bringing their young children to a class have the opportunity to sit and chat and build relationships. Dancing has the unique ability to bring people together.

Creative expression
Many of us live in a world of structure so it’s important to give people of any age the opportunity to cut loose. Dancing allows people to feel free and move in ways that they can’t in the office or the classroom.

From the tiny muscles in your feet to your biceps. A dance class will put your whole body through its paces. And not only are you likely to get a sweat on and improve your cardio ability it will also strengthen your muscles.

Cognitive function
Dance is also a work out for your brain and that should not be underestimated. Challenging your brain to send signals to your body is good for you and will improve your concentration levels.

A goal
Whether it’s perfecting a pirouette, landing a lift in the right way or training for the competition at the end of the term, dancing offers multiple goals and therefore multiple opportunities to succeed – big or small.

Over the years we’ve seen the many benefits dancing has given to our families and now we are able to see this week in and week out in Studio17. We are delighted to be able to offer a state-of-the-art space to dance groups from across Southampton and beyond, so they can keep giving those same benefits to their dancers.

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