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August 2017

We are delighted that the Southern Daily Echo featured Studio17 on their news website. It was a great piece about why we started Studio17 – to provide a high quality studio space for the community to be used by all abilities and ages. We especially love the photo gallery which includes photos of Eva and Violet whose love of all things dance and fitness provided the inspiration at the very beginning. To read the full article click here. Studio 17 is open for block or one off bookings. To

Two fathers have built a state-of-the-art dance studio in the centre of Southampton after being inspired by their daughters’ love of dance and fitness. Paul McManus and Glenn Flinter could see how much fun and enjoyment Eva and Violet had when dancing and wanted to ensure that all abilities and ages have the opportunity to get involved in different forms of dance and exercise in one of the best facilities in Southampton. They built Studio 17, in Southampton, to suit all ages and abilities and for all aspects of